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Here at BM Refrigeration Services, we know that hassle-free refrigeration plays a vital role in your company’s success – whether you’re a commercial kitchen, convenience store or another business in need of refrigeration services. That’s why we work so hard to set new benchmarks in emergency commercial refrigeration repairs and plant reliability. We pride ourselves not only on our technical expertise, but on our dedication to customer service.

From the start of your repairs to the end, we keep in close contact with each of our valued customers. With over 20 years experience in the hospitality, food service and retail industries, we can’t think of a better people for the job. Whatever your problem, we find the solution, every time.

These include:

  • Emergency repair, when you need to know it is repaired the first time,
  • Access to all major spare parts suppliers,
  • Preventative maintenance program; i.e. a quarterly check of refrigeration equipment for a set fee,
  • Pre-season summer/winter check up service,
  • Pre-purchase reports.


“Not Different, Just Better”