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By 2020 more than 50% of refrigeration equipment will be connected to online systems.

Optimise your business’s performance and quality control management with ‘Frigbot’ 24/7 Monitoring from BM Refrigeration Services

‘Frigbot’ utilises today’s technology continuously monitoring your critical temperature controlled environments.

The Frigbot uses the cellular network to send your refrigeration status and configuration information to cloud servers. No need for any Wi-Fi connectivity, they work anywhere that a mobile phone works.

The Frigbot 24/7 monitoring unit is installed inside the control box on your equipment. Unlike traditional data loggers they can’t be lost or stolen. You can have complete confidence that your records are safe. Frigbot provides Critical Control Point temperatures in real time to your phone and computer, importantly providing you with the records to comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ) Food Act 2003 (NSW) Food Regulation 2015.

Standard 3.2.1: Cool rooms/fridges should be checked and recorded periodically to ensure they are running at 5° C or below.

Benefits of the Frigbot are:

  • Optimises appliance performance and Quality Control Management.
  • Measures electrical use, to monitor amperage of key equipment.
  • Remotely adjust temperatures.
  • Remotely monitor and resolve issues.
  • Hi/Lo temperature alerts.
  • Reports can be received daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Receive notification of when equipment requires servicing.
  • SMS and email to multiple contacts.
  • Food grade stainless steel probes can be added to the Frigbot to obtain core temperatures of food.
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