Frequently Asked Questions.


My ice maker isn’t working – does it just need gas?

Answer: “There can be a lot of other reasons why your ice machine isn’t working, from issues due to not having regular servicing through to more complex issues around electronics or fan motors. You will need to organise an expert to take a detailed look.”

“My commercial Ice Machine is tripping the circuit breaker.

Answer: “A refrigeration mechanic can diagnose and replace all electrical components in the ice maker. The biggest advantage of using a Refrigeration mechanic over electricians is the ability to handle refrigerants, which makes for a “complete” assessment of your ice making system. We often hear of clients who have called an electrician first, only to then have to call us when they can’t repair it. So, save your money and call us to avoid doubling up your service costs!”

“What type of commercial ice maker do we need?”

Answer: ” While there are variations within each type, commercial ice machines generally fall into four basic types: modular or ice machine head, under-counter ice machines, counter-top ice dispensers/makers, and combination ice/water machines. “

BM Refrigeration Services is your one-stop shop for all your commercial ice making needs. We provide professional and cost-effective design, sales, installation, repairs, and service for these systems. Contact us on 1300 669 353 to get started with the finest equipment and service in your kitchen.”

“How often should I service my ice machine?”

We recommend that ice machines are serviced no less than 3 months at the absolute minimum. Our service includes Descaling and then a Sanitizing wash of the evaporator and storage bin. We have a client at a local sporting stadium with a bin that holds 1000 kgs of ice. We empty the entire machine and sterilize the storage bin, then actually carry out hygiene testing with swabs. This is how serious this client is about understanding ice is a food.

Answer: “People so often overlook that “Ice is a food.” Well of course it is! Would you serve your customers water from a jug that had been sitting for 3 months? Or if it was possible, maybe ice from an esky that was 3 months old? Certainly not!

When making ice, only the purest water turns to ice. The dissolvable solids are left behind to clog up and corrode the machine.

We believe that 90% of ice machine problems are water related, so we also include the replacement of the water filter in our standard price. Whilst this adds a little cost to the running cost of the machine, the added reliability offsets the inconvenience of a busy Friday night with no ice.”

 “What is your warranty policy?”

Answer: “We back every commercial ice maker Repair with one of the industry’s best limited warranties. Up to 12 months manufacturers on part and labour on the parts replaced during the repair.”