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Today is hot.
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Ice is food. a good maintenace program and cleaning schedule will keep you and your business on top of these problems. Call today and we can work out a schedule that will suit your needs.
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i like talking so that is good.
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We service all climate control equipment. Get ready for summer.
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Lol... true
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Wow clean your machine now.
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Been fixing fridges.... how about you??
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Hawkesbury/North Richmond collection point

Last Round Training Facility
have a friend who works at Westmead Children’s Hospital and is collecting the Coles Little Collectibles for these special kidlets. If you would like to donate some please drop them in at the gym and they will get them to her.
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2nd of June 2018 11:04 AM
❄️ Hoping everyone had a good start to WINTER yesterday

Don’t forget to book in your annual checkup & health check for all your refrigeration equipment

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